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Task: Help Absolut demonstrate their commitment to reducing people’s dependence on alcohol as a coping mechanism for poor mental health while encouraging responsible drinking habits. (Young Glory Dec. 2020 entry)

Insight: Instead of simply telling people to stop leaning on alcohol to solve their mental health issues, you must provide an alternative space or mechanism for people to cope with negative emotions and mental health (according to Sandstone Care).

The Big Idea: Absolut Space – a partnership with Talkspace. During Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Absolut will distribute empty bottles to vendors. Within each empty bottle, their premium vodka will be replaced by a code to redeem a free first month of Talkspace therapy. With a nod to the literal empty space in the bottle, Absolut will also provide an alternative space for people to cope with negative emotions and mental health.

Brand Activation Execution

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