meet the gals

Finding your creative soulmate during an ad research class in your third year of university is a rarity, but we must just be the lucky ones. What can we say… we just clicked.

Fast-forward a few formative years and the journey continues. Despite Lex pursuing her passion for art direction and experience design at VCU Brandcenter’s esteemed portfolio school program, and Bella galavanting around the world freelancing and avoiding a nine-to-five (though she should really get one soon), we’ve managed to collaborate across timezones to create some pretty dope shit.

As a duo, we care deeply about cause-related projects, but love to sprinkle in the big-name brands for a chance to get crazy on the creative front. When our paths eventually cross again, we’d love to work together at an agency or in-house to help brands make bold choices. In the meantime though… if you want us to make dope shit for you/with you on a freelance basis, get in touch!

More boiling hot tea about Lex & Bella.


Proof that we do in fact enjoy working together.